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The Angel of the Abyss

Tales of Jake Hatcher #3 Coming Soon

Two years after witnessing his former lover disappear into perdition, Jake may finally have a way to free her, but a deal with the devil should never be taken lightly. Jake must discover if he has what it takes to survive a battle of wit and wills with both an unknown contender for the Throne of Damnation and the being that has been its occupant since the dawn of creation.

American Nocturne

Bram Stoker Award nominated collection

As a nocturne captures the mood of the night, reminding you of things that happen after dark falls, this collection evokes that liminal time after sundown, when moonlight owns the earth, and you can wander in thoughtful silence. But this time, you are a hopelessly lost trespasser. And the locals are armed and shoot to kill.

Moonless Nocturne

Where a moonless night is a portal to your nightmares

Short stories to intrigue, frighten, surprise, and delight. It is with curiosity and some trepidation that the reader will wonder, “Where is this story going?” With the underlying feeling, “This can’t end well.” Prepare to pick this collection up and not want to put it down until you are finished.

Previous Releases


Jack Hatcher Book One: Former nun Vivian Fall believes that a Hellion has escaped—returning to earth on an unholy mission to unleash the forces of damnation on an unsuspecting world. Only Hatcher can get close enough to it, because the Hellion happens to be his own brother.

Winner of the 2009 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a First Novel

Jack Hatcher Book Two: After he’s granted an unexpected release to attend the funeral of a brother he never knew, Hatcher becomes drawn into a mystery connected to the alluring woman his brother apparently died saving.